CPG Technology Update – Extending Shelf Life

Finding the means to extend the shelf life of a product is never easy.  There are a variety of factors that can go into how quickly a product can spoil.  With regulations becoming more stringent and an over-saturation of material substitutes, manufacturers are finding new ways to protect their products. With the cost of shelf space rising, and an increase in competition, shelf life is becoming a bigger area of concentration. Through technological advancements in packaging, there is hope that some of the costs to the supplier can be negated.

This technological growth is referred to as, Smart Packaging. There are several different manners in which Smart Packaging can take place.  The primary emphasis is on replacing air with one or multiple gases that can extend the life of a product.  By doing this, Smart Packaging has already shown multiple benefits including, reduced food waste, strengthened brand recognition and reputation, monitored environmental changes, and various other benefits. Smart Packaging can help create a more consistent form of storage, which in turn, can reduce cost, while keeping the product safe.

While this is becoming a technology that is being utilized more and more, it is not a main stream method of product conservation yet.  At the moment, the most widely used form of smart packaging is in the pharmaceutical realm.  As this technology continues to develop though, we are going to see the creation of Smart Packing within our everyday life and in multiple outlets. To learn more about this advancement, here is an in-depth look at the direction of Smart Packaging.