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Every Metalworking Shop Reclaims SOME Fluids

In 38 years of managing industrial fluid reclamation projects, I can’t remember a single shop that didn’t have some form of reclamation in process before I entered the door. It’s almost impossible to function without performing some filtration or skimming some contaminants. Without these things in place, tools would consistently break, parts would rarely hit spec, and mist would fill the facility.

When I think of fluid reclamation though, it is much different. Reclaim solutions aren’t about doing what you need to function. Reclaim solutions are about doing what’s possible to optimize your manufacturing operations and product quality while minimizing cost and waste.

The industries served by metalworking shops are pushing the need to optimize as well. Tighter manufacturing specifications are driving the need for higher quality fluids. In turn, reclaiming fluids to maintain high purification levels and maximize high value fluid products has become critical. Many of the calls I receive today are from customers who are preparing to tackle more advanced products. Other calls are from customers looking to optimize the life of expensive tools. And, some callers are seeking ways to improve their discharge/environmental numbers.

The great news for me is that these projects help fluid reclamation shine. They’re fun to engineer, important to maintain properly, and play a big role in the success of the overall operation.

In fact, they aren’t really projects. They are integrated solutions which require every bit of my experience to develop. I’m not just focused on fluids, my whole team is focused on the role fluids play in an operation and the negative impact that off-spec fluids have on a process and product.

Industrial fluid reclamation is no longer an obscure term in the industry. It’s a proven part of every fine-tuned operation. And, as the manufacturing world moves forward requiring faster product changes, tighter product specs, and less waste, reclamation becomes a more visible and more important part of an organization’s success.

Basically, I’m excited to be part of the next 38 years, right now!
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