Finding a New Use for Your Material

“This batch is no good.”

These are the words used far too often throughout various production facilities.  The derivation of this phrase is endless, and time is not forgiving enough to find the root cause of the deformation.  In the past, this batch would be sent away to a landfill, to be buried under a pile of unwanted garbage.  This particular batch, however, is going to fulfill a purpose after all.  It is going to be destroyed and re-purposed into a valuable asset.  An opportunity, to find worth, after all.

weight and scan

This batch is catered out of the producer’s facility, neatly stacked, piece-by-piece, on to the truck.  As the material is escorted to a new location, the ride is so smooth that the liquid barely even moves within the packaging.  Suddenly the vehicle stops, and as quickly as it was loaded onto the truck, it is being unpacked with grace and ease.   Each portion of the batch receives a bar code.  A label to identify who to credit for giving the material second chance.

The transformation process is about to begin.  Each individual piece of the batch is separated from its counterparts.  Each item is loaded onto the conveyor it reaches the apex.  For a moment, it lingers there, before falling into the auger.  In a rush, the liquid drips and dances away from the packaging that once held it, and gently falls into a predetermined piping system, to be taken to a tote for any number of repurpose uses.

Not to be outdone by the liquid’s new function, the container that was once holding it so steadily, is compacted tightly with other packages of the same material, until they weave and blend together.  While they join together, another round of bounteous material falls in behind, and creates a compression that starts to push up the line.  This drive will continue, until there are enough capsules to bail together.  This new bundle will now be a part of the recycling process.  Finding new homes, purposes, and creating a better world.

This batch may not have met its initial intended purpose.  It might have been scoffed at and a hindrance in its original state.  Luckily, this batch, had someone believe that it could still serve a purpose.  All they had to do was call Valicor to help them find that purpose.