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Reclaiming Industrial Fluids Keeps Operators Safe (and Happy)


A proper industrial fluid reclamation process not only improves the fluid’s performance and longevity, it also improves the environment for the operators.

In the case of effective water-based metalworking fluid (i.e., “coolant”) reclamation, the vast improvements in production and waste minimization are well documented.  However, an effective reclamation process also provides a safer operator environment.

A reclamation process for individual machine tool sumps includes the removal of chips and swarf from the machine tool which, in turn, reduces the contamination that supports bacterial growth.  And, for individual sumps as well as central system applications, the reclamation process includes technology to remove tramp oil, which is an excellent food source for bacteria, causes slippery floors, and is a major contributor to mist and smoke (inhalation concerns).  During this same process, small particulate that escape traditional filters and cause skin irritation are removed as well.

Another human benefit of an effective reclamation process is coolant concentration control. This lowers the chance of running too rich and causing operator skin irritation.

The bottom line is that an effective coolant reclamation program provides a safer operator environment as well improves production and minimizes waste – which helps to keep everyone happy!

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