The Many Avenues of Reuse

Consumption is a part of life.  Whether it is running out of laundry detergent, replacing the oil in your car, or drinking a cold ice tea on a hot summer’s day.  When something is consumed, it is fulfilling a purpose.  It’s creating a means to abundance.

When that product is not given a chance at its natural consumption, in the past, that substance was simply disposed of a landfill. However, that same material can now find a secondary usage, due to advancements in technology.  Finding a reuse purpose for any item can be an exciting endeavor, especially if you can then show the world that you are creating a better opportunity for someone else.

Valicor has established multiple outlets for reuse. These avenues include Waste-to-Energy, Repurposing, Recycling, or a combination of these reuse opportunities.  While all of these outlets serve under the reuse heading, each has a distinct process when it comes to how they are being reused.


Waste-to-Energy is the action of taking waste and creating energy from either electricity, heat, or both.  Through the undertaking of recovered materials that would normally go to a landfill, Waste-to-Energy can actually help run facilities throughout the country. Another benefit of Waste-to-Energy is heating these facilities from a safely formed combustible energy source.  Waste-to-Energy also creates a much smaller footprint on the local landfills, creating an opportunity for further usage.

While Waste-to-Energy is certainly creating energy opportunities, repurposing a brand’s material can be a very valuable way to positively showcase a name, while still finding a positive use for each product.  When a product is at the end of its life cycle, traditional wisdom would have it go to the landfill. Valicor has the means of new avenues to help its partners find a secondary life for its material. This will allow it to continue to serve a purpose beyond its initial intention.

Traditionally though, when we think of reuse, recycling comes to our mind.  Recycling is the catalyst to finding other means for material in a variety of fashions.  An example would be utilizing old plastic from water bottles and combining them to be used again as a new holding container.  Recycling has a long reaching standard as the means to reducing an environmental footprint, creating new purpose for consumption, and economic benefits as well.

Valicor has such a diverse network of options for reused materials, and has a reach that can extend the entire length of the country.  Partnering up with Valicor, allows their experts to help you find the proper outlets to ensure that the reuse of your material is maximized.  Once your product has found its reused purpose, Valicor wants you to be able to champion your efforts by giving you a certificate of destruction.  This certificate will ensure that all your product has found a new usage, while not impacting your brand in any manner.